A downloadable gaming experience for Windows

"Songs of Cyborgeoisie is a narrative music album and a computer gaming experience set in futuristic landscapes. This gaming experience is a philosophical speculation and audio-visual journey through the Cyborgeoisie Universe, populated by various technological, organic, and fantastic beings—embodied visions of the future and fractured science fiction characters. On their journey, the characters tell of the sorrows, traumas, and hopes inflicted on them by humans, inviting the audience to learn, listen, and empathize, in order to heal human imagination about the future from the pervading techno-dystopian narratives.



Concept, story, music & artistic direction by BBB_ (allapopp & Alex Sahm)

Game visual & world design: Lixing Yang

Unreal Engine implementation and programming, technical direction: Simon Klein

UI, visual identity & menu design: Teresa Schönherr

Character design: allapopp, Valentin Oellers, Lars Thomas

Character animation: Simon Klein, Gloria Schulz

Tarot cards design: Teresa Schönherr

Tarot cards illustrations: Katharina Hantke, Lixing Yang, Lotte Meret, allapopp, Valentin Oellers, Maria Anisimowa, Ayla Pierrot Arendt, Philisha Kay, Brenda Lien, Ksti Hu, Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, Louise Mutabazi, Sonja Yakovleva, Echo Can Luo

Model of Cute Home Robot by Yandrack, texture color altered from original; Model Orb by End3r, textures changed from original, under CC BY 4.0



Install instructions

1. Download the .rar file

2. Unpack the archive 

3. In the folder find the .exe application (this is the gaming file)

4. Start the game by double clicking the file


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